My Story

CalEli Gifts is a small independent, Edinburgh based company that I run out of our family home.

I had been a Primary Teacher for 17 years but in 2016 decided to quit education and follow my dream to run my own company.

I have always loved buying and receiving personalised gifts but I used to get really frustrated as I found it difficult to find the correct spellings of my boys' names - Callum and Elliot. I decided that I wanted to become involved with personalised gifts so that I could spell names and messages the way that people wanted.

After months of searching and contacting numerous designers and suppliers I finally found high quality gifts and keepsakes that could be personalised.

Deciding on the name of my company was easy! I used some of the letters from my sons' names to form CalEli.

From personalised Christmas Tree decorations, CalEli Gifts is now selling over 300 bespoke personalised gifts for every occasion on their website. I personalise some items by hand and I have a team of engravers that I use to personalise everything else from wood to glass to ceramics.

I am particularly proud of my Highland Cow ornament that I designed myself.

CalEli Gifts is constantly searching for new gift ideas to add to their collection so watch this space for new items!