What is a Baby Shower?

What is a Baby Shower?

Basically a Baby Shower is a lovely excuse for a group of friends and family members, normally all female, to come together and celebrate an expectant Mums imminent new arrival and "shower" her with gifts.

When did Baby Showers begin?

Some people believe that a Baby Shower is a relatively new idea however they have actually been going on for centuries although they have adapted through time, thankfully! In Ancient Egypt, expectant Mums weren't showered with gifts, they were hidden away for a period even after the birth as they were considered to be unclean! Indeed in the Victorian Era, The Baby Shower occurred after the birth normally with a tea party as it was uncouth for pregnant women to be seen out in public!

Who should host a Baby Shower?

It is usually hosted by someone other than the expectant Mum so that they are not giving the impression of wanting lots of attention and gifts! Quite often it is hosted by a best friend or female family member such as their Mum or Sister. However things are changing and it's not uncommon for Dads-to-be to be involved in the celebrations too.

What do you do at a Baby Shower?

There are no firm rules as to what you do at a Baby Shower it is really up to you. However the important thing is to make the expectant Mum feel special and give her a memorable day. Most often there will be some nice food and drink involved. You can shower the Mum with gifts. It's a great way to help the Mum-to-be with a head start in what she needs such as nappies, baby clothes etc I remember I was given a cabbage before my elder son was born. I didn't appreciate at the time how handy that was going to be a few days later when he arrived! Some people like to play silly games such as Pin the Dummy (an adaptation of the traditional party game "Pin The Tail On The Donkey", Baby Shower Bingo and Guess the Baby item where you put lots of baby items in a bag and without looking, try and work out by touching it what the item is. My particular favourite game is when everyone attending The Baby Shower is asked to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. You then have to try and match the baby photo to the adult. It is a great ice-breaker if people don't know each other!

When should you have a Baby Shower?

Usually Baby Showers are held about 4-6 weeks before the due date. This means that the pregnancy is well along yet there will be less chance of baby arriving to join in the celebrations. Quite often Mums like to wait until they start their Maternity Leave but again it's really what is best for all of you.

No matter what you decide to do for The Baby Shower, make sure that you get lots of photos to remember this important time and have fun!