What are good names for Babies?

What are good names for Babies?

I spent my childhood saying to people yes it's Lynne with an "e" at the end. Then when I got married, things didn't get any better "Yes it's Lynne with an e and Munro without!". To this day I still can't quite believe that we gave our sons, Callum and Elliot, names that could be spelt in different ways.

My boys were one of my main reasons for getting into bespoke personalised gifts. I can spell names any way you want. Far too often I would walk into gift shops and see the usual mugs, keyrings, magnets etc that seemed to have lots of other names but not our kids.

With more and more parents moving away from "traditional" names to give their newborns, hopefully business for me will boom. In 2017 boys names such as Mason and Eiljah appeared in the top 10 names and Harper and Aria were there amongst the most popular for girls. Parents also chose to name their kids after films. Disney's Moana was a popular name choice this year. Other names that have appeared this year, that I hadn't heard of before, include Ash, Booker, Goldie, Posey and Zelda. According to Net Mums 1 in 5 Grandparents do not like their Grandchild's name as it is too unusual. 

Choosing your child's name is such a huge responsibility but don't worry, no matter what you call your child, I will be able to provide you with gorgeous, personalised gifts, spelt just the way you want!

  • Oct 01, 2017
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