Unusual Father's Day Facts

Unusual Father's Day Facts

I have spent the past few months searching for the ideal Father's Day Gifts that can be personalised to stock on my website. It made me start to want to find out a bit more about Father's Day.

It didn't surprise me, at all, to learn that Mother's Day started way before Father's Day. Us woman are always doing things first, right? Scholars believe that Father's Day can be traced back to the ruins of Babylon where a young boy carved a Father's Day card nearly 4000 years ago. Modern versions of Father's Day believe that it originated in North America thanks to a woman who believed that if there was a day to honour Mothers then there should be one for Fathers too. Today Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year it is on Sunday 18th June.

The youngest father in Britain became a Dad at 12 where as it is believed that the oldest Dad in the world became a Dad for the first time at 94 and then again at 96!

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