Unique Baby Names 2018

Unique Baby Names 2018

Choosing a name for your baby is one of the hardest decisions you will make in your adult life so you want to make sure that you are 100% happy with it. There are so many important questions that you need to ask yourself - do you want a traditional or more modern name? Would you prefer it to be gender neutral? Would you like the name to refer to a place or an object that is relevant to you?

The National Register for Scotland recently revealed all the baby names in Scotland for 2018. Just under 48000 babies were born and nearly 10% of parents chose a unique name that no other child had. Names such as Merlin, Arrow, Buzz, Echo, Peculiar, Nun and Snow were a few of these names. 

When thinking about baby names here are some things that you might want to consider:

1  Can you imagine an adult being called this name? Whilst Honey-Bee and Adora-Belle might be cute baby names, do you think they will be suitable names for a 90 year old person?

2 Does the name you have picked work with your surname? Years ago I taught a lovely boy called Joe, unfortunately his surname was King (Joe King - get it?) I also heard of another couple who decided to call their son William. A few years later he became known as "Willie". This would have been fine for most people but their surname was Large!

3 Look at the initials to make sure that it doesn't spell anything that you don't want. One couple named their daughter Amber-Rose but as their surname was "Smith" her initials didn't read well. Another child, Walt Cunningham, got the nickname "Toilet" when he went to school as his initials were WC. Thankfully our surname is Munro, if it had started with a "T" our younger son's initials would have spelt EAT!

4 Fast forward and think about your child learning to write their name at school. Double barrel names were really popular last year but some of these names had more than 14 characters in them. If you have a long surname too that is an awful lot of writing for your child every time they are asked to name their work!

With thousands of possibilities you have an important decision to make so take your time, think about it and don't rush! Remember they will have this name forever so make sure you are 100% happy with it. No matter what name you decide on, CalEli Gifts has a huge range of baby gifts that can be personalised exactly the way you want!