Scottish Baby Names

Scottish Baby Names 2021

The National Record of Scotland have realised their statistics on baby names for last year. Here are some fun facts from the statistics:

For the 13th consecutive year, Jack is the most popular baby boy name in Scotland. Olivia moved from 2nd place in the previous year to top spot.

Noah, Leo, Oliver and Harris were the other most popular baby boy names with Emily, Isla, Freya and Ella topping the most popular baby girl names.

Lyla was the fastest rising baby girl name moving up 56 places to 74th position and Carson rose fastest for the boys to joint 66th position.

There were more than 7500 baby names in Scotland last year that were unique (only one child was born with that name in 2021) these names ranged from place names (Kelso and Uist) to colours (Blue) to food and drink items (Tea, Berry and Ginger).

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