Personalised Teacher Gifts

Personalised Teacher Gifts

As the end of another school year is getting closer and closer, the big question for a lot of parents is what should I buy the class teacher as a thank you present? 

During term time, teachers tend to spend just as much time with children as parents do so it seems only fitting that they are given something really special to show our thanks for all their hard work and commitment.

As a Primary Teacher for 17 years, I was always very grateful for any gift that I was given but for me the ones that really stood out and indeed the ones I still have now are the thoughtful, personalised ones. Now as a Mum, I hear my friends moaning "Do they really need a present? They are getting paid for their job!" However I know, first hand, that the majority of teachers go well above what they are paid for - arriving in school ridiculously early, working late and then taking work home. As a teacher, you never switch off. Even on holiday you will find things that you buy, out of your own money, that will be useful in your classroom. Every teacher spends part of their summer holiday setting up their new classroom so that when your child arrives in on the first day of term it looks bright, attractive and somewhere that they can relax and thrive in. So do teachers need a present? Absolutely! They deserve it! So show your appreciation for a wonderful year they have given your child and buy them a personalised present from CalEli Gifts. It doesn't need to cost a fortune but it is a lovely way to say "Thank You!".


  • May 15, 2017
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