Networking Events Scotland

Networking events Scotland

Having been a teacher for 17 years and standing up in front of hundreds of adults and kids, I always thought that I was quite a confident person but when I heard the word "networking", when starting my own business I could feel my heart racing. Nervousness and panic washed over my body. Going to meet strangers and have to talk to them. What would I say? Would I sound ridiculous?

I think for so long I had always had the label of "teacher" but suddenly I didn't really know what my label was now = I don't see myself as an entrepreneur and being a business woman just sounded so grown up.

I had seen the adverts for networking meetings for quite a while and kept putting it off. My Husband (who has run his own business for years) told me that it would be really good for me on a personal and also on a business level. I decided to brave it and agree to go along to one. Thankfully someone I knew was going too and so we both walked in apprehensively together. We were met and welcomed by so many lovely, friendly and inspiring women. They all had such wonderful stories to tell about their lives and business. There was such a diverse range of interests and the nervousness quickly disappeared. I met some great contacts at that first networking event. Some people who I hope will become friends over time.

Last week I went to my second networking event, on my own this time. Although still a little anxious walking in to the venue, the moment I got chatting and started smiling at people that I recognised from the previous event I knew I would be fine.

So what is my label now? Who cares? I'm Lynne. I'm a wife and Mum. I used to be a teacher but now I run my own business CalEli Gifts (named after my boys Callum and Elliot). I sell personalised gifts for every occasion and I absolutely love what I do.

Networking has given me more confidence, allowed me to meet some amazing people that I might not have met otherwise and allowed me to think about who I am and how I introduce myself to others.