Luxury Wedding Gifts

Luxury Wedding Gifts

Following on from my last blog about the worst wedding presents ever received, I thought I would do a bit of research and investigate some of the most expensive wedding presents ever given. 

With the average wedding in the United Kingdom costing approximately £27,000 and with 4% of weddings in the UK costing over £100,000 it is quite easy to see that wedding guests might feel under a bit of pressure to spend a lot of money on an extravagant wedding present.

Here are some of the most expensive/unusual wedding gifts that were given:

* In 2006 Katie Holmes received a gulf stream jet from her then husband, Tom Cruise.

* George Clooney bought his new wife a house thought to be worth $5,000,000

* Princess Diana received a model boat that was encrusted with diamonds

* A Clive Christian his and her perfume set was given to Kate Middleton and Prince William on their wedding day. According to The Guiness Book of Records, it is the most expensive perfume set in the world.

* The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi's Father gifted him and his bride a $22 000 000 sports stadium.

Which one of these would you have liked to receive on your wedding day? I'm sure I wouldn't have said "No" to any of them although, to be honest, I wouldn't want anyone spending so much on us. There are so many charities out there that could do so much with vast amounts of money like this!