How to Organise a Christening?

How to Organise a Christening?

Christening, Blessing or Naming Ceremony?

Your little one has arrived and now you want to celebrate this joyous time. If you have a strong Christian faith and you want your child brought up as a Christian then a traditional Christening would be most appropriate. If you are keen for a church based celebration but do not want a full Christening service perhaps a blessing would be best? If you do not have any religious beliefs and would prefer the occasion to be more secular, then a naming ceremony would be most appropriate.

Who to invite to your baby celebration?

Once you have decided on the type of ceremony and the location, you need to consider who to invite. This will also have an impact on your budget so you need to think carefully. Invite the people that you want to be there! Will you be having Godparents? Perhaps you didn't have much of a say who you invited to your wedding but you do now!

What to eat and drink?

This is entirely up to you (and your budget) some people prefer a light afternoon tea whilst others go for a full sit down meal. There is no hard and fast rule, just do what suits you. If you are thinking of having a Christening Cake it is worth bearing in mind that good cake makers are often fully booked months in advance so plan ahead!

Should you have entertainment?

If there are children at your special day you might want to consider keeping them busy. After all happy children mean happy parents! If you have space outside, this can be as simple as bubble wands, a football, a swing etc If your budget allows, you could consider a paid entertainer for magic tricks, face painting or to organise structured games - be careful you might find that all the adults want to join in too!

What should your baby wear?

This is a very special occasion for you and your baby so you will want them in something that you are happy with and makes them look cute, of course! This might be a traditional Christening gown that has been passed down the generations or a new outfit such as a dress or little shirt and trouser set. Just remember to make sure you have an emergency change of clothes and plenty of bibs or muslins for when it comes to feeding time!

Should you have a Gift List?

You might find people asking what you would like them to buy for your baby. If you aren't sure have a look at the range of Christening Gifts by CalEli Gifts. Each one can be personalised exactly the way you want to remember this special day making them unique, just like your Baby!