Germany with Kids

Germany with Kids

Last year we had our Summer holiday in Germany. We had such an amazing time - there was so much to do, the weather was great, food delicious and the people so friendly that we went back this year!

We were in Germany for 3 weeks again this Summer. It is such a large country that I think you need a bit of time to be able to explore it properly. The good news is that flights from the UK to Germany are short and relatively cheap so you don't need to worry about jet-lag or big time differences when you are there.

We spent most of our time in Southern Germany this year. We had a week in Center Parcs Allgau a 2 hour drive from Stuttgart airport. Whilst there was so much to do in the complex (it had the best indoor water park!) we spent a lot of time exploring the local area. From there we headed to Konstanz for 3 nights, then onto Herbolzheim for 4 nights before ending back in Stuttgart for our final days.

Every day was incredibly busy trying to see as much as possible, we still didn't manage to see it all.

Here is a list of our favourite Attractions for Kids in Germany (well the parts we visited this year!) In no particular order:

Skywalk Allgau - a modern tree top trail with amazing views and loads of hands-on things for all the family.

Luge Rides - there were lots in the area and each one we visited was fun, fast yet completely safe. The Tegelberg one was a particular favourite.

As this is a big ski area in the Winter, the chairlifts also operate in the summer months for walkers to enjoy. The Hundle chairlift was brilliant - my elder son and Husband walked up to the top as they were unsure of being up so high but I can honestly say it was fine and I'm usually not very adventurous. We then spent 2 hours doing a walk from the top back down to the car park.

The Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen was fascinating! Security was pretty strict so you couldn't take any rucksacks or even handbags in but there were plenty of lockers.

The wildlife park in Allensbach was one of our boys' favourite days - animals and rides, what more can I say. It was really reasonable to get in and the extra rides inside were only 1 euro each.

The Ritter Chocolate Museum was brilliant. Not only was it free to enter, you also got a free bar of chocolate when you went in. The prices in the gift shop were also great. Unfortunately, this meant we bought loads of chocolate, none of it made it back to Scotland as it was all demolished before our holiday was over!

Thermal Spa Day. There are lots in the area and it was great that children were allowed in them too. We visited two different ones this summer. Both were clean and had lots of different areas (just be aware there are often nudist sections so make sure you don't wander into an area by accident!)

Wilhelma Zoo - this is the first zoo that we have every been to that you can actually walk around it in a circular fashion and not miss out animals. This zoo had everything that you could imagine and an aquarium too.

Porsche Museum - next door to the headquarters of Porsche in Stuttgart, this interactive museum was a dream for my car loving family. The kids could have spent the rest of their lives having a go in all the cars and the computerised driving experience game. So much fun for all of us.

The great thing about Germany is that there is just so much to do! We didn't come across ridiculously busy attractions and driving between destinations is so easy and so fast. We have now spent the last 2 summers in Germany but there is still so much to see. We might be back again in 2020!