General Knowledge Questions about Christmas

General Knowledge Questions about Christmas

Whether like us you have a Christmas Family Quiz every year or you are just looking to impress your friends or work colleagues with your vast Christmas knowledge, here are 20 fun Christmas Facts that you might be interested in. How many did you already know?

  1. Paul McCartney features on the most Christmas Number One hits.
  2. According to The Guinness World Records the tallest Christmas Tree cut was 221 feet.
  3. Jamestown was where the first batch of eggnog originated from.
  4. The Christmas Wreath was originally hung as a symbol of Jesus.
  5. Boxing Day gets its name from the money that was collected in church alms-boxes for the poor.
  6. Scrooge's famous "Bah Humbug" line nearly didn't exist. Charles Dickson first choice was "Bah Christmas".
  7. Hallmark introduced their first Christmas Card in 1915.
  8. "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby has sold more than 50 million copies around the world.
  9. In 1980, the largest selling Christmas toy was The Rubik Cube.
  10. In some countries finding a spider's web in your Christmas Tree is regarded as good luck.
  11. Japanese people traditionally eat KFC for Christmas dinner.
  12. 1957 was the first ever televised Queen's Christmas Speech.
  13. Christmas Trees were first decorated with fruits, later on people added candles then eventually electric lights.
  14. The most expensive dressed Christmas Tree was valued at over 11million dollars last year in The United Arab Emirates.
  15. Christmas trees have been sold in the United States since 1850.
  16. The tradition of putting tangerines into Christmas Stockings came from French Nuns.
  17. President Roosevelt banned Christmas Trees in 1901 as he was concerned about the environmental damage.
  18. Santa's sleigh would need to travel at 2,340,000 mph if he were to get around every home in the world on Christmas Eve.
  19. The Friday and Saturday before Christmas are the busiest shopping days not Black Friday as a lot of people assume.
  20. A third of the 20 highest grossing films were released during the Christmas period. 

I'm hoping that some of these facts will come up in our annual Christmas Quiz so that I can perhaps, for once, actually win!


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