What to buy for a baby’s first Christmas?

What to buy for a baby’s first Christmas?

When a new baby joins the family, or a friend adds to their family, it’s normal to want to celebrate with them. But we all know situations where a new baby is gifted 3 piggy banks, 5 “santa” baby-grows and a couple of trinket boxes. These gifts are always well-meaning but begin to lose the sentiment behind them when others have given the exact same gift.

CalEli’s biggest difference from other online retailers is that all our gifts can be completely personalised, no matter the spelling of the name. If the new baby is an Ailie, Eilidh or Ailee, it doesn’t matter because we can adapt any of our gifts to meet your needs. We can make your gift stand out and be a keepsake for a long time to come.

Christmas is only just round the corner and we have lots of ideas for gifts for a baby’s first Christmas that can be kept year after year. Have a look at our Christmas tree decorations for a new baby, ones for the whole family or our personalised felt advent calendar that can be become a part of a family’s Christmas traditions. The advent calendar could become a gift for the whole family by getting everyone to write down favours for each other, then putting one in each pocket. Finish on Christmas Eve by having a surprise outing for everyone to enjoy together. As the children get older, they can start adding in their own ideas and it can really help the family to spend time together at this time of year.

Parents deserve a little present too to celebrate their baby’s first Christmas so you could think about buying a personalised photo album and filling it with photographs of special moments in the run-up to Christmas.

The baby may not remember a moment from their first Christmas but they will grow up knowing that someone put a lot of thought into getting them the perfect gift for their first Christmas.