Entrepreneur Characteristics

Entrepreneur Characteristics

My son came home from school the other day saying he had been learning all about Entrepreneurs. He reeled off some amazing facts and figures. I asked him if he told the Teacher that his very own Mum was an entrepreneur. His reply, "Are you?"

When I first started CalEli Gifts in 2016, I didn't really consider myself to be an Entrepreneur but then when I considered why I started it, who I am, my background etc I suddenly realised that I actually fit the bill!

So why do people become Entrepreneurs?

For me, I wanted to have a go at being my own boss, having more flexibility and spending more time with my kids. Whilst I can now work around my sons, I am working harder than ever. Did you know the average entrepreneur works 66 hours a week. (I'm sure I top that in the run up to Christmas!) Other people on my Entrepreneur Accelerator course wanted to have control over their decision making, make more money, be able to pick who they work with and others wanted to make a difference either socially or environmentally.

Who is your typical Entrepreneur?

Apparently the average entrepreneur is 40 years old when they start 

75.4% of entrepreneurs worked at other companies for more than 6 years before launching their company. 

95.1% have bachelor degrees 

70% of women are married when they launch their first business 

51.9% are the first in their family to launch a business

I started my company at 38 having worked as a Teacher for the local council for 17 years, I have a degree in Education, having been married forever and am the first in my family to have my own business. I now can't wait to show my son the evidence that his Mum is actually a typical Entrepreneur.

Interestingly, and this doesn't apply to me, entrepreneurs are 3 times more likely to have rebelled as a teenager and have a much higher chance of being dyslexic. Julie Logan's research showed that 20% of UK business start ups had dyslexia and in the US market 35% of company founders identified themselves as dyslexic.

So if you fancy pursing your own entrepreneurial journey, have a go! It is not easy but I guarantee you that no two days are ever the same and the people that you meet will open your eyes to an amazing world out there!