CalEli Gifts is 7 years old!

It all started with a simple comment from my Husband, "I think you should quit teaching and do something else". Could I really do something other than teach? I had wanted to be a Primary Teacher since I was 13 years old. I had spent years and years working so hard to be the best teacher that I could be. I absolutely loved working with children and found it so rewarding and never boring! Unfortunately, the job had changed so much since I started teaching in 1999. Crazy paperwork, constant assessments, lack of resources all that were failing our children. I was also missing out on seeing my own kids grow up and so I decided it was time to make the leap after 17 years in education.

The next question was, if I stop teaching, what will I do? There was an option to join my Husband in his property business but I decided I was keen to earn my own money and do something different. Lots of sleepless nights began trying to work out what I could possible do. It then suddenly came to me, personalised Christmas tree decorations!

Every Christmas I had always bought a Christmas tree decoration for our family with our names on them. They were admired by so many people that came to our house and so I decided I was going to start a gift business!

Getting started was not easy. I had little knowledge of website and sales but with sheer determination (and lots of You Tube tutorials!) I got there. Even now, I am still constantly learning new things.

Fast forward 7 years. I am now working with numerous designers, engravers and publishers to produce hundreds of personalised gifts for every occasion. My Husband now works with me and we manage to "persuade" our sons to help at peak times, building boxes and putting stickers on gifts. I am selling multiple products every day of the year on various sales channels and I continue to be delighted when I get repeat customers and lovely 5* reviews.

If you are thinking it's time for a change. My advice to you = Go for it! x