Map Paperweight

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Map Paperweight

This beautiful glass map paperweight can be personalised with a map of any UK address of your choosing. By picking a location with special meaning to you, this gift is a wonderful reminder of both the place and the time. Whether a celebration of your home, where you’ve been on holiday or more romantically where you got married, engaged or simply first met. This gift is as unique as the place you choose.

We use up-to-date mapping with an intricate level of detail to show as many of the local features as possible. The mapping covers approx 1.4 miles / 2.3km radius around your location.

The circular glass paperweight is 9cm x 2cm. It has a soft velvet base and comes in an attractive gift box which can be personalised with a name of someone special, up to 13 characters.

Please tell us the address, including the postcode that you would like featured.

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